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A Little About Us.

A Personal Story. Needs Identified.

In 2006 my father became ill and my mother took on the role of full-time caregiver. During this time mom faced many challenges and obstacles and never complained. She was selfless and a loving wife for 57 years until my dad passed away.

During my father's illness and following his death, my mother took on responsibilities she'd never been faced with. She had new territory to navigate, the biggest of which was learning to live alone. I will interject here--my mom had tried for several years to get my dad to downsize to a retirement community but he would not do it. I'm sure she saw the writing on the wall with his health and wanted to move to an environment that would support and meet both of their social and future health needs.


A year after my dad's death, Mom called and said she'd decided to move. And move she did. Within six weeks she had sold her house, downsized the excess of her life and was living independently in the retirement community she had always wanted to live in. Mom was happy there, but sadly she passed a few years later following a sudden illness.

Based on the firsthand personal experience with my parents, I knew there must be other older adults that could use assistance and benefit from a variety of non-medical move transition services. After several months, my focus landed on services devoted to downsizing.


Naming the business came easy as my primary concern was to simplify the process of downsizing a household by taking as much of the burden off my customer as possible. With a menu of services identified and the business roadmap in place, Downsizing Simplified was open for business on March 1, 2007.


As the years have passed, we've seen needs arise and have added services in response to those needs. Our customers have the flexibility to pick the services they need and to hire us by the project or by the hour. Our years of experience strongly positions us as real solutions providers that meet the varied needs of the downsizing community.

Let's visit. A no-obligation consultation is the place to start.

Our initial consultation is FREE and considered a discovery opportunity. We learn about you and your needs and you learn about us and our services. 

Call, email, or use the Contact Us page to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

 816.358.6338   email:

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