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Our "How to" downsize booklet available December 2022.

As we bring our 15th year in business to a close, we're publishing a "How to" downsize booklet which will be available December, 2022. For more information and to reserve a copy, please notify us via the Contact page. More detailed information to follow. Thank you.

Downsizing Simplified Launched March 1, 2007. I still remember that day. Although it doesn't seem like yesterday, I can honestly look back over the years and see things that took place that made it necessary to re-evaluate and make changes in how we did business. Learning to adapt to change was, and still is, a good thing as our entire business is based on facilitating and managing change for our customers. Utilizing years of experience, quality services, and meaningful resources, we guide our customers through some of the most important and challenging changes they'll experience in their later years.


Over the past fifteen years new opportunities have emerged as our industry and business audience has changed. Seniors are simply not the same as they were in 2007. They are a "new" customer that has directed us toward a different and energized way of doing business. We're taking new steps to cover more ground and in 2022 we'll be expanding business offerings. Our move-related services will continue to be at the core of Downsizing Simplified, but in addition we'll be adding important content to the website that we believe will benefit our site visitors.

Take a stroll through our redesigned website and if you have time, please share your thoughts with us as we continue to develop new concepts and ideas--we appreciate your input.

Happy Downsizing!

Cindy Murphy

Founder/owner, Downsizing Simplified


To successfully identify, implement, and deliver professional services and information that help our customers navigate and expedite the decisions and processes associated with downsizing and simplifying their lifestyles.

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