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To successfully identify, implement, manage, and deliver professional services and information

that help our customers navigate and expedite the decisions and processes associated with downsizing and simplifying their lifestyles.

Downsizing Simplified Launched March 1, 2007

Every aspect of our business is designed to assist, facilitate, and manage important non-medical

life changes for our customers. Utilizing years of experience, we professionally coach and guide

our customers through some of the most challenging changes they'll experience in their later years.

What is downsizing?

We believe downsizing can be defined in two ways and often involves both:

  • the decision-making about and the physical act of reducing and/or eliminating the excess or abundance of objects and possessions within the living environment

  • the exchange of a larger dwelling for a smaller, more manageable and compact one

Let's visit.

If you or a loved one are considering downsizing, our FREE, no-obligation consultation is the perfect place to begin. Our consultations are a discovery opportunity where you learn about us and our

services, and we learn about your possible downsizing needs. Please call, email, or use the Contact page to schedule your FREE consultation. (Please allow one-to-two hours for your consultation.)

Hosting or attending a downsizing seminar.

We've been giving seminars for many years and we know how important the information can be for Seniors considering downsizing. Downsizing involves many steps and our seminars focus on the most important ones. If you are a Marketing Manager for a senior community wanting to reach out to potential new residents, or if you're a Senior who would like to participate in a seminar, please contact us through email, the Contact page or by phone for details. We also provide seminars to not-for-profit organizations (at no charge) many of whom book our "Getting Organized" seminar.

Exploring the website.

It is our desire to provide valuable website content that we believe every potential customer may want or need. And, as new insights or information come our way, we make every effort to keep our visitors and subscribers informed through updates and our Blog. We appreciate you taking the time to explore our website and if you'd like to subscribe, please complete and submit the form below. In addition, we always love to hear from our visitors--questions and comments are welcome.


Happy downsizing!

Cindy Murphy

Founder/Owner, Downsizing Simplified

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