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Tailor Our Services to Fit Your Needs.
If you have a downsizing need not listed, let us know. We're extremely adaptable.
  • Especially for seniors. Assistance with locating a new place to call home. Based on your existing and future needs, we can help you find the perfect home. If you are interested in communal retirement living, such as an independent or assisted living community, our easy-to-use SENIOR Living Missouri and Kansas page lists both options. With over 100 communities in the Kansas City Metro, we're certain you'll find several to visit. If you need assistance, we can set up appointments and get you to and from the Community. We're here for you! 

  • Just like many other life projects, downsizing begins with setting and defining goals whether you are planning a future move or staying in your existing home. A true desire to simplify your lifestyle is where the journey begins. Working closely with you, we'll help identify the important goals and action steps that will enable you to reach your desired new lifestyle.

  • When you find yourself completely overwhelmed by your stuff, the sorting through and paring down process steps can become too big, too fast. This step by far is often the most difficult and time consuming for many. Knowing where and how to begin can be frustrating and often ends in minimal progress made. Acting as coaches and helpers, we work closely with our customers to determine the best approach for optimal results. We're part of your team!

  • Again, you don't have to be moving to define or redefine your living environment. Staying in your home or moving, our space planning service can help to design a comfortable, clutter-free environment that meets your needs.

  • We offer pre and post-move solutions. We'll pack your belongings, align the right mover and supervise the move. We'll also unpack and get you settled in as quickly as possible. Start-to-finish services, we handle the move process with timely and professional proficiency. 

  • If you have a house to sell, our design backgrounds enable us to stage your home for the real estate market. If you decide to sell before you move, packing up any excess in the home will give potential buyers the opportunity to see the features of the home. And if you need assistance with hiring a real estate agent, we can help with that also. Realtors along with other service-related companies are listed on our Resources page.


  • Due to the amount of downsizing work we are undertaking, we have put our estate sale services on hold until a later time. However,  utilizing our collective knowledge and experience of 20+ years in the antiques and collectibles marketplace, we can consult with you regarding a possible sale you may want to have. We are not appraisers, but we can assist you in determining if there is enough value in the content for a sale. In addition, we can refer you to sale companies (always interview more than one) within the Greater Kansas City area. is a good source for estate sale and auction companies in the KC Metro (and Nationally). As we've done throughout our 20+ years in the antiques and collectibles marketplace, we will continue to purchase certain antiques and collectibles. For a listing of items we purchase, please call, email, or use the Contact page to obtain the list.

  • Coordinating and managing a house cleanout. This service is essential when the homeowner, family, or estate manager needs the contents of the property cleared out. Cleanouts are assessed and priced following a thorough walk-through of the property and consultation.

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