• Cindy Murphy

When Our Beloved Pets Pass.

This week we had to put our beautiful 15-year-old dog, Rudy down. We knew the time was getting short for our awesome pup as his quality of life began to show signs of diminishing and it was clear that Rudy's life was coming to an end.

I will not dwell on his last weeks of life and his growing physical struggles but instead, I want to focus on what he meant to our family and how his long life blessed us. Rudy was a rescue. I didn't have an adoption in mind the Saturday afternoon I saw the "Adoption Today" sign outside the veterinary clinic. We had recently lost our dog Max, also a rescue, and there was a huge sadness in our family. I really wanted a new dog and I'd never been to an adoption event. Little did I know.

There across the front yard of the clinic was this beautiful dog gently tethered to a stake. Something told me that he was the one, and he was! Within a short time, Rudy was in my car and we were on our way home. I truly believe there is something special about rescued animals. There's a hopeful knowing that all will be well and that someone is going to love and care for them. They are such grateful creatures.

We had a sense Rudy had not been treated well, primarily neglect, but after a short time of getting to know one another and gaining trust, Rudy blossomed. As the years passed, our teenage children grew up and moved away and started their families. Grandchildren came along and they too loved Rudy. He was playful, kind and gentle. He knew he was loved and cared for right up to the end of his life. This week has been difficult. I have found myself expecting him to be there, looking for him. I have cried off and on at the thought of him being gone. We miss him deeply. We loved him as a member of our family. He was our Rudy-Roo.

Photo © Cynthia L. Murphy, 2021

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