• Cindy Murphy

No More Hustle and Bustle. It's Quiet at the Feeders.

It's early autumn. This week, the hummingbirds that so faithfully visited our feeders, followed their migratory instincts and headed to warmer climates. I'm a little sad and already miss them. I have come to absolutely love these tiny squeaking birds.

This summer I was amazed at how close they flew to me while I sat on our deck a few feet from their feeders. They showed no fear. It was like they knew me and expected me to be there.

I will take the feeders down in the next few days, thoroughly clean and store them away. Late March, I'll make my feeder solution and hang them in anticipation of early arrivals. It's such an exciting time if you love hummingbirds. When the first bird is sighted at the feeder it's a sure sign that spring has arrived!

Photo © Cynthia L. Murphy, 2021

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