Downsizing Your Holiday Decorations

We're a week past Thanksgiving. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone with attention fully shifted to decorating for the holidays. If you're like most folks, the chore of digging through and dragging out the decorations has begun. And for those who've already finished their decorating--hooray for you!

This year I scaled way, way back on decorating our house. In fact, I have gone from our traditional large Christmas tree to a small 30" tabletop tree decorated with simple white lights, miniature glass balls, and a hand-strung red glass bead garland. It's a dainty tree sitting sweetly on a table in the window. We can see our new mini-tree from the living/dining room and it's just perfect for us.

In addition to a small tree, I've added a few decorative items around the house. Nothing extravagant as in past years--it's just a simpler, softer touch this year and I'm fine with it. One big advantage to simplifying the holidays is of course the obvious, less to take down and put away! From the time our kids were small, the "can't wait" eagerness to get the tree up and decorate the house fell the day after Thanksgiving, no discussion. And come January 2nd, I was always the one to initiate the take down of all things holiday. Needless to say, I was in complete charge--not a soul to help me. I can't say I dreaded the task, but it was a lonely one.

This year will be different, quick and done--poof, everything put away. I don't mean to sound anti-holiday decor but I do believe the holidays can be just as fun, just as meaningful, just as loving with less stuff. So, here we go for a new tradition, one simpler, cleaner, easier--we'll see if there's a "small tree" revolt come Christmas morning when our adult children and grand kids come over. I'll blog back.

Now, let's talk about thinning out the holiday decorations. Here's some thoughts regarding all the stuff stored in the attic, basement, under the bed, in the closets, you get the picture, right?

If you can honestly answer any of the following questions "that's me", it may be a great time to let some of your holiday stuff go:

- Some of my decorative items have not been used in the past two to five seasons.

- My taste has changed--I've gone in a completely different direction or I'm in a "less is better" mode.

- I have more than one tree and more garland than any one person should own.

- It simply makes me a little anxious to think about unpacking, decorating, and then repacking all my holiday stuff.

- Even though I want to simplify the holidays, I can't seem to make myself do it. (It wouldn't be the same?)

- I find that the holidays are more about what others want and expect than what I feel most comfortable with at this stage in my life.

It will be tough for many who read this post, but if you're ready, the holiday decor that you're willing to let go of can be donated, given to family or friends, or left boxed up (contents clearly marked) for a future estate/moving sale--only if you have the room to store the boxes.

When we recognize the excess in our lives for what it is, there's no better feeling than the act of purging it. Less can truly be more in so many ways.

Signing off, with less stuff!


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