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Quick Takes #3 STAGING

Short posts from our professional downsizing experiences--consultations and work sessions. We hope these posts will be of help to anyone thinking about downsizing or for those who may already be in the process.

What are pre-listing tasks?

These are tasks that prepare the property for sale.

From a fairly easy de-clutter and tidy-up to having a dumpster dropped and loaded with trash, pre-listing work is definitely worth investigating. The more you can do to appeal to a buyer's positive senses, the better.

Assessing what needs to be done.

When we work with customers, one of the first things we do is a walk-through assessment. The advantage we have as downsizing experts is we're able to see the big picture especially if we'll be helping with downsizing and moving after the home sells. Planning is key because given enough time, the unnecessary excess can be dealt with before the home goes on the market either through family/friends, donation, or save for a future sale.

Staging. Does it really matter?

Our response is "yes". When people hear the word "staging", many conjure up an image of over-the-top styling of each room in the house. Instead, we see it as a tasteful, simple decorating approach that fits each room and the home's personality. In other words, knowing how to make a kitchen appealing or arrange a living room to feel cozy and inviting is important. Our design sense (and backgrounds) enable us to step in and transform rooms using the customers decor along with some of our decorating items that add interest and flair.

Recent pre-listing and staging success.

As I mentioned, when we work with customers who will be moving it is so beneficial for them to allow enough time to sort and pare down their possessions. As we help them go through room-by-room the important decisions are made which puts them further down the path toward move day. This is the scenario with a recent customer. After spending a couple work days a week for several weeks, the "heavy lifting" was done, the house was staged and listed. The listing photos were great (a very important sell/show feature) and the home showed beautifully. Seven showings the first afternoon and three offers. Our customer was beyond happy and so were we! Congrats on the sale of your home! Soon we'll begin the pack and move process steps and soon she'll be living in her new apartment. So happy for her.

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