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My Rock Star Neighbor!

My neighbor Donna is a young 75-year-old and one amazing woman. Nearly four years after being widowed, she will soon move into a brand new, one-bedroom apartment in an independent living retirement community. She told me it was one of the hardest decisions she's ever had to make and saying goodbye to her home of 53 years was certainly not easy. As she put it, "I have peace about my decision and know the timing is right".

Donna is a Rock Star for many reasons but I have to give her special kudos for putting a downsizing plan together months ago shortly after she made the decision to move. She's been tackling the not-so-easy tasks of sorting through and paring down the possessions of her life. Over the past few months, she has gone room-by-room making decisions about what will go with her, what she'll make available to family and friends, and what will be donated. She is very close to having family and friends in to look over everything she's laid out for their consideration. I even love how orderly she's done this. Setting out and displaying items throughout her home for ease of viewing--it reminds me of an estate sale setup--and, she's left herself room to continue living her daily life without being crowded out by stuff. After family and friends have made their choices, what's left will be donated to charity.

Next step, Donna will contact real estate agents to discuss selling her home. Given the importance of this business relationship, I encouraged her to interview at least two to three agents. She has gotten an appraisal of her home, and will soon get a whole-house inspection done. I think all of this is very wise and she has plenty of time.

In between the time the house is cleared of everything she won't be moving and when the house goes on the market, Donna will be heading out on a trip with girlfriends. What fun that will be for her. She'll be able to relax knowing everything at home is under control which will add to the enjoyment of the trip.

Here's to my Rock Star neighbor of twenty years! We will certainly miss Donna and although we'll stay in contact, we know she will make many new friends and discover wonderful opportunities in her new community. It's the right time for Donna and as she put it, "I know Ron would want me to do this. He would want me to move forward with my life". We agree. Cheers!

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