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How Many Spatulas Does One Kitchen Need?

Or, 9" x 12" glass baking dishes? Or, a large assortment of plastic containers, with and without lids? Downsizing and organizing a kitchen can be a task that's simply too big for many people to tackle. And from our experience, the longer the kitchen has been in use, the harder it can be.

Whether you are still active in the kitchen or not, there's probably an abundance of cookware, gadgets, mixing bowls, drinking glasses, coffee mugs, and everyday dishes--you know, the stuff kitchens are made of--taking up space in your cabinets and drawers. Simply stated, much of it is kitchen clutter and taking stock of what is really used is easy if you are committed.

Here's my sorting, assessing, and purging formula. Working at a pace that is good for you, go through one cabinet, one drawer at a time. Take the contents out and place everything on the counter or table. (This is also the perfect time to clean the cabinets and drawers.) Next, decide what you actually use on a fairly frequent basis and set these items to the side. Then decide what you would use if you would have guests over, like serving platters or baking dishes for example. Put these items in a different area. What's left are items you can probably manage without. This is the excess, the clutter and it may be time to toss or donate. Remember, you have to have a commitment to simplify because without that, you're moving things around without resolve.

Here's a lighthearted look at kitchen items no longer used but continue to take up valuable space--

  • If your grandchildren no longer use Sippy® cups or child-sized utensils, it's time to donate.

  • If you haven't made real mashed potatoes in years but still have the masher buried in a drawer, it's time to donate.

  • If you have several pieces of Corning Ware® baking dishes and only use one or two occasionally, it's time to donate.

  • If you're storing Tupperware® that seemed like a good purchase back in the day, it's time to donate.

  • If you have several sizes of skillets but you only use two, it's time to donate.

  • If your hand towels, dish rags, and potholders are to capacity, it's time to donate.

  • If you have more than one rolling pin and haven't made a pie crust or cookies in years, it's time to donate.

  • If your cookie sheets and muffin tins have sat idle far too long, it's time to donate.

  • If your appliances (bread machine, blender, food processor, waffle maker, electric skillet, etc.) haven't been plugged in and used for some time, it's time to donate.

  • And finally, cooking utensils like wooden spoons and spatulas. Too many? It's time to donate.

We are sorting, purging, and organizing experts not only in the kitchen but throughout the house. We work as coaches and hands-on team members alongside our customers to tackle the excess and make better use of space. For our services visit:

Or to contact us about a no-obligation consultation, visit:

A quick note about selling your home. Kitchens are an important selling point, so having your cabinets, drawers, and pantries cleaned out and neatly organized is a task you shouldn't put off. Potential buyers will look in these areas to assess space, so organization and cleanliness is a must.

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