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How Hard Can It Be?

I'm just going to say it, "There's NOTHING easy about downsizing a lifetime of accumulation." It's hard, time consuming work that at times seems like it will never end, if you're even able to get the process started. Everywhere I look (or listen) today, there's someone giving advice on getting organized--"just follow these simple steps and you too will live an organized lifestyle." I'm here to professionally say, it's just not that easy. If it were, we'd all be masters at living exceptionally organized lives, right?

The consultations I've engaged in over the past few weeks have once again shown me how complicated our lives can be around our "stuff". So much to get done, and usually very little time, for whatever reason, to accomplish the tasks. Deep down, I believe most people want to live clutter free, but making the decision (the commitment) and following through with a plan, can be overwhelming especially the older you are.

The most difficult part of downsizing (whether moving or not) is sorting through and paring down years of accumulation. So often I am called for a consult only to end up agreeing with what the potential client already knows--there's too much stuff--and no idea how to begin tackling the tasks.

Recently I saw a basement storage room with 40+ tubs of holiday decorations. And then there was a recent consult with stacked boxes and tubs that have sat unopened since a previous move years ago. Another consultation involved decades of accumulation in the attic space over an elderly couple's garage with the only access by a pull-down ladder (shaky at best). Suffice it to say, over the past fifteen years in business, I have seen a lot of STUFF! If you're struggling with downsizing your stuff, take heart, there is hope, trust me.

A major business announcement is forthcoming in the near future. We're taking a hard professional look at what people really struggle with in regard to downsizing and we'll be addressing these struggles along with other important information in a new media format. Our hope is to help our customer base--active and potential--with step-by-step "how to's". We're excited about another opportunity to assist the downsizing community, so please stay tuned.

Until then!

And remember, it's never too early to start the process--small steps = BIG results.

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