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Clearing the Closet Clutter.

Photo: CLMurphyCreative for Downsizing Simplified

Another season has passed and a new one has arrived. Springtime is the best time to jump in

and begin the (ruthless) task of going through your clothes closets.

I am in the process of this task as I write this post. I have a couple of large paper grocery bags at the ready, one of which is almost full! It's also the perfect time to sort through your shoes, purses, and other accessories. Oh, and don't forget closet shelving, dresser drawers, and linen closets.

The task: eliminate anything you no longer wear, or want to wear, or use. If you find yourself with an excess of hangers, donate them also!

Please remember, when a donation of any kind is made, the item should be in retail-floor-ready condition. In other words, nothing should be donated that will require repair of any kind. Be kind, and never use a donation center for your trash, thank you.

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