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Another Successful Seminar

I enjoy presenting informational seminars to seniors who have a desire to learn more about the steps involved in downsizing. My most recent seminar was held at a senior living community (CCRC) that offers independent, assisted living, and memory care. The seminar attendees were invited by the sales and marketing team because they had toured and/or shown an interest in the community. What a great way for the team to bring together a group of potential new residents!

It is my professional opinion that most people don't get up one day and decide to downsize and then like magic, it happens. On the contrary. Downsizing takes planning, hard work, many decisions and time to achieve. During the hour-long presentation, I guide the group through the steps involved in the downsizing process and encourage participation as we go along. At the end, there's a new understanding of what's involved in downsizing.

When the seminar is over, I hold a drawing for two interested attendees to receive two free hours of my help, primarily in sorting and paring down (the most time-consuming step in the downsizing process) or organizing. The winners of the drawing have 90 days to redeem their hours. I remind the audience prior to the drawing that if they've been stuck in making decisions, the free hours could act as a motivational jumpstart with no obligation attached. Getting a couple of hours of hands-on help and guidance from an expert can make a big difference in moving forward toward simplifying life.

If you are a senior living community and would like information about hosting a downsizing seminar, please call 816.358.6338 or send a message via the Contact page on the website at: The seminar charge to the host community is $200.00 which includes a take-home packet of materials for each participant.

If you have a desire to downsize but are having a tough time getting the process started, please feel free to contact me--one-hour consultations are free with no-obligation.

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