To successfully identify, implement, and deliver professional non-medical,

move-related services that help our customers navigate and expedite the decisions and processes involved in downsizing.

OUR STORY. Needs Identified. 

Cindy Murphy launched Downsizing Simplified in March of 2007 from a parental need that was revealed in 2006. The onset of a serious illness is difficult and as the health of one parent declines, the other often steps in and becomes the full-time, in-home caregiver. Navigating daily life through an illness and following death requires support and guidance; it is a journey filled with many obstacles.


It was this firsthand personal experience that put in place the business concept and laid the foundation for the non-medical services menu of Downsizing Simplified. Identifying all possible needs of the downsizing community was important and it was clear that customers would require more than standard pack-and-move services. It was our goal to offer services that would make the entire downsizing and move transition as simple and as smooth as possible.


As the years have passed, we have added meaningful services beneficial to our customer base. And as no two customers are alike, offering customizable services gives the customer the ability to tailor services to meet their specific needs. Our years of experience strongly positions us as real solutions providers meeting the varied needs of the downsizing community.


CONSULTATION. A Place to Start.

Our initial consultation is FREE and is considered a "discovery" opportunity for everyone. Our wide-ranging services are introduced, and we get to know you and your needs.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation at 816.358.6338 or

email at cmurphy@DownsizingSimplified.com. You can also use the "Contact Us" page.