Successfully Downsizing a Household
Requires Planning, Time, and Energy.

The number of older adults aged 65+ in America is on the rise and expected to reach a population high of over 70 million by the year 2030. Each year thousands from this older population make the decision to leave the responsibilities of home ownership behind and move to independent retirement or assisted living communities. Nearly every major household move is accompanied by many choices and decisions.

The variety and depth of our Downsizing Simplified services provides our customers with more options and ultimately greater control over their move. And our ability to professionally deliver these unique services has certainly played a role in our success within the senior move management industry. As you browse our website, we hope you find encouragement, ideas, and possible solutions to assist you.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a no-obligation consultation, we invite you to notify us through the “Contact Us” page on the website, via email, or by phone. We would also like to hear about your move transition experiences (positive or otherwise). Please share your experiences through the "Contact Us" page.

Our move management team wishes you the very best and please check back from time-to-time as we add new information to the site often.

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A household downsizing professional can be money well spent.
Does it pay to hire a professional when downsizing a household?
Our downsizing seminars deliver quality meaningful content.
Downsizing seminars that provide timely, on-target content that helps simplify the process.
Ranking the Household Downsizing Process Steps
Downsizing a household is a process that involves many steps. Review and rank the steps.
Services that meet many downsizing needs.
Offering a variety of services to meet household downsizing needs.
Senior living communities by area or region within the Kansas City Metro
Senior living communities within the Greater Kansas City Metro
Locating The Perfect Downsizing Home
"Locating the right home for downsizing can be challenging and time consuming."
Sorting and Paring Down
"For most people, sorting through and paring down their possessions is a difficult job."
Space Planning for a Downsizing Move
"Creative Space Planning Makes a Home Comfortable, Safe, and Uncluttered."
Packing for the Move
A packing schedule will help assure being prepared on moving day.
Feeling Settled In is a Result of Getting Unpacked and Organized Quickly
Getting settled in to your new home requires far less time than preparing for the move...
Property Enhancements for the Real Estate Market
It's usually wise to complete all property enhancements before listing your home.
Liquidating the Household Contents is Part of the Downsizing Process.
Plans for liquidating the household contents should be in place in advance of the downsizing move.
Providing Services that Fit the Need
We identify, define, and prioritize the needs of the customer.
Our associates make every step of the downsizing transition simpler.
Murphy & Co. Downsizing Simplified Associates Help Customers Through Transition
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